Please do contact me if you cannot see anything here that may help you.

I will do my utmost to help or find the appropriate intervention, person or service to meet your needs.

Deborah Spencer – What Services Are Available

If you are reading this, you have already decided that this is at a time in your life when you would like some help and support and have already made the first step, which is the hardest. Your situation can only get better.

Our pricing is as follows:

£35 – 45 per hour for individual Therapy, depending on theory delivered (including Occupational Health clients).

£25 per hour for Student Counsellors and College/University Students

I offer a reduction for Armed Forces Personnel and Veterans, Costings to be negotiated before therapy begins.

Sessions; Each session consists of 50 minutes.

Reports can be provided at an additional fee.


Face to Face Therapy (1:1 Counselling)

I provide 1.1 counselling for Children, Young People & Adults.

Counselling sessions last for 50 minutes. For a child or young person this may be less due to their concentration limitations.

The number of therapy sessions attended will depend on the presenting issue and this can be discussed on the first session.

On our first session I will discuss how the therapeutic process evolves and we can decide together if the relationship is going to be right for both of us. If not (and this  does happen at times as in any relationship) I will always ensure that you are referred to another counsellor or appropriate support.

If Children attend counselling sessions I ask that a Parent/Carer attend the first session as I need to collate relevant information so the appropriate therapeutic intervention and support is available.

Sessions take place at my private practise in Widnes, Cheshire. If your prefer I will find a venue which is more convenient to your location.

Telephone Counselling

At times, people can be very anxious about contacting a therapist or even asking for help. Picking up the telephone to call someone is the hardest part and may take some time. When you do, you have made the decision and started the process.

It could be that you are more comfortable speaking on the telephone. This is the way you prefer to build a relationship with a therapist and discuss what I can help you with.

This process works extremely well with Occupational Health Clients.

Telephone Counselling sessions last for 50 minutes. Telephone counselling sessions are the same cost of 1.1 individual therapy.



I have over 20 years experience of facilitating & delivering group work to Children, Young People and Adults. Much of this consists of devising new programmes to meet the needs of individuals/groups as an intervention to support Emotional Health and Wellbeing.

I work alongside you/your organisation to identify the training needs of staff/ teams and devise a programme/programmes which will enhance your workforce.

I deliver group work to Children and Young People in Schools and Education settings that are creative and fun!

For Schools, Colleges and Organisations I provide Health & Wellbeing interventions such as:

– Individual therapy for staff

– Group Supervision for staff teams

– 1.1 supervision for staff (Please also see ‘1.1 therapy’)

If you require training/supervision or would just like some more information please contact me.


Where will it take place?

The sessions can either take place at my private practice in Widnes or a private setting where you feel comfortable.